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Congregation de Notre Dame donates $5000

Virginia Sullivan of Congregation de Notre Dame provides some words of inspiration in trying times (edited for space).

“In many remarkable ways it has called forth the best in us as a human race. We need only look to the doctors, nurses, and all frontline workers who have so selflessly dedicated themselves to helping others. Perhaps it can seem more like the “worst of times” with so many of our elderly and at-risk populations bearing the brunt of this virus, the painful isolation of so many people forced to grieve the loss of loved ones alone, and the countless lives affected by the loss of businesses and livelihoods. Yes, this time of pandemic is filled with mixed blessings, but also a time filled with many seeds of new life and hope. The hope lies in the indomitable spirit of humanity to overcome adversities of every kind and to envision a better world for all.”

The tagline of our Starfish program is “help, hope, and opportunity for a better future”. We sometimes can’t help but focus on the death and devastation caused by COVID-19, especially in Swaziland. But Sister Sullivan’s words serve as a reminder that, since this pandemic began, the Partnership has seen new and renewed Starfish sponsorships; as well as many special donations for food and medical assistance in Piggs Peak. These are the seeds of new life, and renewed hope for a better future.

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