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What we do

There are three pillars upon which the Hampton-Piggs Peak Partnership is built: the Starfish Program; the Grandmother Partnership; and Gender Equality

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The Starfish Program

The Starfish Program enables young people that wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend school to receive an education. Every year since our inception, we have increased the number of students we support - and always at least as many females as males. In 2023, the Partnership is paying school fees for 250 students

The Grandmother Partnership

We provide help to “gogos” (grandmothers) in Piggs Peak – the unsung heroes who care for the many orphans in a country that has lost virtually an entire generation of people to the scourge of AIDS.

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Girls in Swaziland, many being raised by elderly grandmothers, are frequently faced with a life of abuse, often violent, within the Swazi patriarchy. Education is the solution. It is a fundamental human right and, in Swaziland, it amounts to the liberation of girls and women.

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