An AIDS epidemic, on a scale unknown anywhere else in the world, is devastating Swaziland. In the face of their suffering, the Swazi people cling to an ideal they call “ubuntu”, the essence of humanity that tells us we are all connected and should care for each other.

In Hampton, we are proud of our community spirit and we know that, as humans, our community is the world. Our neighbours are not only the people next door but also the people of Africa, the people of Swaziland...the people of Piggs Peak. In the spirit of ubuntu, we are compelled to care for our neighbours. 

As a non-profit organization, the Partnership is proud to have 100% of its revenues go directly towards its mission, and help provide swazi solutions to swazi problems with Canadian help.

origin story

Origin Story: Director of AIDS Service NGO in Swaziland, visited the High School in Hampton, NB in 2004. Mark Bettle, the founding CEO of HPPP, was invited to listen to her presentation by a teacher at Hampton High School.


Mark listened to Thandi convey statistics about the impacts of HIV/AIDS in Swaziland and learned that they have the highest incidence of HIV/AIDS and the lowest life expectancy in the world. He listened as Thandi told the stories about teenage girls raising younger siblings; 80-year old grandmothers caring for as many as 12 grandchildren in a one-room hut; and 6-year old children being afraid of dying, because death is all they see and was immediately compelled to help. 


Mark travelled to Piggs Peak, a town in Swaziland, to see the devastating effects of HIV/AIDS first hand. Through several meetings with the people of Piggs Peak and residents of the Town of Hampton, the Hampton-Piggs Peak Partnership was formed.

OUr Board

Carl MacKenzie

Board Treasurer

Carl is an information technology executive at a large international company.

Chris Rendell

Board Member

Chris is an IT professional who is active in the community with projects like the Community Garden. Chris and his wife, Laura, organize Concert by the Creek.

Robert Doucet

Board Member

Dewey retired after a career working for the provincial government. He is now Deputy Mayor of Hampton.

Lisa Bettle

Board Member

Lisa, now retired after a 33-year career, was a partner in a local physiotherapy practice. 

Sue Hooper

Board Member

Sue is an accomplished artist at Hooper Studios and also an Eden Method Clinical Practitioner, a TEEM teacher and a registered Reiki Practitioner 

Ross Henderson

Board Member

Ross is a retired high school science teacher in Canada and China. He enjoys sports and likes to travel.

Bev Harrison

Swazi Liaison

Bev is a retired high school principal and long-serving elected political representative for the area. As chief liaison to Swaziland, he has travelled there on numerous occasions.

Jill Darrah

Board Secretary

Jill has worked with a large private company for over 25 years in the areas of Human Resources and Commercial Real Estate Services.

Liz Szalma

Board Member

Liz is retired after a career in Quality Control.

Mark bettle

Board Chair

Mark retired after working for 30 years at a large international company and now dedicates himself to volunteering and charitable endeavours.

Laura Myers

Board Member

Laura is a teacher at Hampton High School and after a visit to Piggs Peak, Swaziland with her husband, Chris, she experienced firsthand the needs of the students who live there.  She and Chris organize the annual Concert by the Creek.

Maureen Robichaud

Board Member

Retired after a career as a Nursing instructor, Maureen is busy with various building-community activities and teaching Lion Hearted Leadership.