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Connecting communities

Swazi solutions to Swazi problems with Canadian help

our mission

Connecting communities to reduce the devastating impact of HIV/AIDS in Swaziland by providing help, hope, and opportunity for a better future – one person at a time. 

What we do

An AIDS epidemic is devastating Swaziland on a scale unknown anywhere else in the world. The Hampton-Piggs Peak Partnership was established in 2005 between the Town of Hampton, NB, Canada and the Town of Piggs Peak, Swaziland to reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS by providing an education for young Swazis; support for the Gogos (grandmothers); and promoting gender equality.


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How to help

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Volunteer Opportunities

We're always looking for volunteers to help with our local efforts. We have a number of opportunities for people with various skill sets.


Ways to Donate

Your donations will provide help, hope, and the opportunity for a better future for those living in Piggs Peak. If you would like to support the Partnership, please click here to learn how you make a donation. Unlike many others, 100% of your donation goes directly to our programs.



Hosting a fundraiser in support of the Hampton-Piggs Peak Partnership is easy! Contact us to learn how you can get involved.

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The Starfish Program

The Starfish Program enables young people that wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend school to receive an education. Every year since our inception, we have increased the number of students we support - and always at least as many females as males. In 2023, the Partnership is paying school fees for 250 students.


The Grandmother Partnership

We provide help to “gogos” (grandmothers) in Piggs Peak – the unsung heroes who care for the many orphans in a country that has lost virtually an entire generation of people to the scourge of AIDS.

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gender equality

Girls in Swaziland, many being raised by elderly grandmothers, are frequently faced with a life of abuse, often violent, within the Swazi patriarchy. Education is the solution. It is a fundamental human right and, in Swaziland, it amounts to the liberation of girls and women.


"The partnership between the Town of Hampton and Piggs Peak in Swaziland is exactly the kind of response that needs to happen to beat the pandemic. You can't imagine what it means to a community in Africa to know that they have the support and assistance of Canadians."
- Stephen Lewis, UN Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa


Gogos in Swaziland thank the Partnership for providing emergency food relief.

latest news
Our Board

Mark retired after working for 30 years at a large international company and now dedicates himself to volunteering and charitable endeavours.

Sue Hooper

Sue is an accomplished artist at Hooper Studios and also an Eden Method Clinical Practitioner, a TEEM teacher and a registered Reiki Practitioner 


Bev is a retired high school principal and long-serving elected political representative for the area. As chief liaison to Swaziland, he has travelled there on numerous occasions.

contact us

PO Box 1113

Hampton, New Brunswick, CA

E5N 8H1 

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Our Patron,

Siyabulela Mandela

Dr. Mandela, an internationally recognized academic and activist,  visited Hampton in 2019.  Like his great-grandfather, Nelson Mandela, he is a champion for social justice, peace, human rights, and equality in the world.

"Nelson Mandela sets forth a broader purpose of education as the greatest weapon which we can use to change the world. Like my grandfather and like myself, the Partnership is fighting for greater equality and human rights and its greatest weapon of choice is education. By paying school fees for young Swazis who would otherwise not have an access to an education, the Hampton-Piggs Peak Partnership is changing the world. I therefore call upon all those who have an interest in partnering with this great organization to lend a hand, and I invite you to join us in changing the world for the better."

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